Stephanie Gogonis
RSP English
688.6487 ext.3388
   I am thrilled to be here in the Santa Ynez Valley area! I moved a few years ago from Michigan, where I was born and raised. California is beautiful and we have enjoyed exploring the many options it has to offer. I have a precious two year old daughter named Amalia and a five month old son named Konstantinos! They have provided our family with so much love and joy; it truly is unbelievable :)
   I have been in the education field for nine years now and teaching struggling readers is my area of expertise. I truly enjoy working one on one with students and building strong relationships. I wish everyone a fun successful year!
 Courses Taught:
  • Practical English
  • Practical Science
  • Comp Eng 2 - Coteaching with Mrs. Kelly


Note to parents and students:

Most recent grades and assignments can be found on Canvas Portal and they will be updated weekly, if not sooner. All missing assignments will be noted in the color red. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thank you!