Q: Is there somewhere parents can preview the textbooks for the new math classes?
A: Textbook publishers have not yet updated their textbooks to reflect the new Common Core State Standards. As of now, the extent of alignment of textbooks consists of a "Common Core Aligned" sticker on the cover and not much change to the content. In the short-term, until publishers catch up and start publishing materials that truly represent the content and pedagogy of the Common Core, Valley teachers will be developing their own materials and photocopying them for students. Textbook adoptions are typically for at least seven years, so it would be unwise to adopt and purchase new textbooks until we are assured that they are truly aligned to the new curriculum.

 Q: My 8th grader is taking Algebra I or Geometry. What math class should he or she register for in 2014-15?
A:  8th graders who are in a traditional math pathway in 2013-14 will continue in a traditional math pathway in high school. Geometry and Algebra 2 courses will be modified and adapted to include new teaching and learning methodologies from the Common Core State Standards for mathematics, but the content will be organized according to the traditional rather than integrated model. 8th graders successfully completing Algebra 1 will enroll in Geometry as freshmen. Current 8th graders enrolled in Geometry will enroll in Algebra 2 as freshmen.