• You Can Learn Anything

    by Kahn Academy Length: 1:30
    Some people believe that intellectual ability is purely genetic or fixed. This is a myth. Research now shows that the brain is like a muscle; the more a person applies it and struggles, the more it grows. People who learn to recognize this fact about their own brain develop a ‘growth mindset’ and are able to persevere and achieve more. This short video is a commercial for the Khan Academy but speaks to the importance of struggle to truly learning and understanding rather than memorizing and forgetting.
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  • Fermat's Last Theorem

    by British Broadcasting Company Length: 01:27
    This clip from the introduction to the BBC documentary, Fermat's Last Theorem, Andrew Wiles, one of the great mathematicians of the last century, explains his struggle to prove one of the world's most persistent and challenging mathematical theorems. His story helps us to understand that struggling with difficult concepts is absolutely critical for intellectual growth.
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