Canvas for Parents How to Access Canvas from an iOS Device
This tutorial will guide you through how to access Canvas using an iOS device.

1.   Install the Canvas Parent by Instructure app from the App Store by clicking the link below or searching the App Store and launch the app.

App Store
2.   Allow or Don't Allow Canvas to access your location.
 Launch Screen
3.   Tap "Create Account."
Create Account
4.   Type your first and last name in the appropriate fields (not your son or daughter's name).
5.   Type your email address in the field labeled "Email address" (not your son or daughter's email).
6.   Type a unique password that you will remember in the fields labeled "Password" and "Confirm Password."
7.   Tap "Create Account."
Add Student
8.   Tap "Add Student."
Search School
9.   Type "SYVUHSD" in the field labeled "Find your student's school or district"; tap "Santa Ynez Valley Union HSD."
Sign In
10.   In the box labeled "Email or phone" type your son or daughter's school email address. This is the same email address your student uses to login to Canvas:
11.   In the box labeled "Password" enter your  son or daughter's school email password. This is the same password your student uses to login to Canvas:
SYVUHSD#5-digit ID
12.   Tap "Sign in." There is no need to check "Keep me signed in."
Add Additional
13.   If you have multiple students, tap the settings icon in the upper right corner, then the "+" to add additional students to your account.