Mrs. Bax
Shirley Bax
Special Education Science
805-688-6487 ext 2390
Hi, I've been here at Santa Ynez since 2010.
A little bit of history about me. I graduated from high school in San Diego and went to San Diego State and then to Long Beach State.  I took a small detour from higher education to get married, have 2 wonderful children and live in Hawaii for 6 years. I came back and finished my B.S. in Biology at Cal Poly in S.L.O. and then got my single subject credential.  I then decided to work for my Special Education credential which I received 2 years ago. So, that's how I got to be here at Santa Ynez High School.
I look forward to teaching both Practical Integrated Science and Practical Biology.  I make class exciting and challenging for each student.  We do hands-on activities and work with inquiry-based lessons.
Practical Integrated Science covers biology in areas of evolution and ecology. For earth science, we cover plate tectonics and the structure of earth. Acids, bases and atomic theory are covered in the chemistry portion of class. For physics we will touch on electricity, magnetism and wave energy.
Practical Biology covers concepts in cell biology, ecology, genetics and evolution.
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