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UCSB and Law Enforcement Strongly Discourage Out-of-Town Visitors to Isla Vista during "Deltopia"

In an effort to curb accidents, drug and alcohol use, violence and arrests, UC Santa Barbara officials and law enforcement enforce strict rules with regard to street parties and underage drinking in Isla Vista during the annual, unsanctioned street party known as "Deltopia," typically held in early April. Please know and understand the significant risk your high school student faces if he or she visits Isla Vista for Deltopia. Once you understand how dangerous a place this college community can become on crowded party weekends, you will surely make the informed choice not to allow your son or daughter to go. In a recent letter to school principals in the area, Debbie Flemming, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs at UCSB, explains the safety precautions that will be in place and the reasons for them:

As you may be aware, Isla Vista has been the site of an annual, unsponsored, beginning of spring street party called “Deltopia” that negatively impacts the local community of families, long-term residents, students and small businesses. In previous years, out of town visitors have accounted for the majority of problems including arrests, citations, vandalism, and other serious public safety issues. In recent years, we have seen many positive changes. The hope of the Isla Vista community is to continue to emphasize community pride and to focus on a safe and local community celebration. To this end, a number of special measures will be in place to help protect the community. On behalf of UCSB, Santa Barbara City College, the County of Santa Barbara, the City of Goleta, and residents of Isla Vista, I would like to ask for your help in keeping Deltopia a local celebration by discouraging local middle and high school students from participating.

During Deltopia, additional officers and deputies will be deployed in Isla Vista to enforce the law and local ordinances. Here are a few of the enforcement efforts planned:

    • California Highway Patrol (CHP) sobriety checkpoints in the Isla Vista and Goleta areas
    • Stringent enforcement by CHP of vehicle code violations on the Highway 101 corridor

    • Alcohol and Beverage Control agents monitoring Isla Vista and Goleta for sales of alcohol to minors and the illegal transportation of alcohol

    • CHP, UC Police, and Sheriff’s Dept. saturation patrols in areas surrounding Isla Vista

    • Sweeps of Goleta hotels by Sheriff’s Officers for underage drinking

    • Zero tolerance enforcement (no warnings)

    • Restrictions on live or pre-recorded amplified music in public during evening hours

    • Tight restrictions on parking in Isla Vista, UCSB campus lots, and on neighborhood streets and commercial areas in Goleta, and towing of illegally parked cars

In the past years during Deltopia, ninety percent of those cited and arrested in Isla Vista were from out of town, with no connection to our local area, UCSB, or Santa Barbara City College. It is important that parents and teens understand the risks associated with minors visiting Isla Vista, which include underage drinking and drug use.

I ask that you engage in discussions about staying away from Isla Vista, and encourage appropriate monitoring of teens’ behavior and whereabouts during Deltopia. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at

Please help keep our Santa Ynez Valley kids safe by having a conversation with your son or daughter about staying away from Isla Vista, and monitor your student's behavior and whereabouts closely this spring!